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Vidalia, GA


Chiropractor in Vidalia, GA

If the same old pills and treatments from your regular doctor are failing to relieve your chronic or acute pain, you may benefit from the work of a chiropractor. At Back & Neck Pain Center in Vidalia, GA, we make the satisfaction of patients a #1 priority. When you come to our office seeking relief, you'll be treated in a comfortable atmosphere where you won't have to wait to be seen.

Our facility is able to offer personalized care for many different types of patients. We provide treatments for:

  • Back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Sciatica
  • Pregnancy
  • Automobile injuries

We can also address headaches and migraines. Spinal decompression is another chiropractic treatment we offer.

Back & Neck Pain Center is staffed by courteous and friendly individuals who want you to feel relaxed. If privacy is important to you, our chiropractor can treat you in a private room. Patients in Baxley as well as Toombs and the surrounding counties may be able to benefit from our help. Please call today to schedule an appointment.